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These are the terms and conditions of any contact between MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS (the services Providers) and you (all persons traveling with us, named on a booking). They are very important, So please take time to read them. Confirmation of travel with MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS implicates That you have read, fully understood and agreed to the terms and conditions described below.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us.

1.1 All services are subject to availability and are not guaranteed until confirmed.

1.2 A deposit of 50% of the total value for each person referred to on the booking form is Required at the time of booking. If a higher deposit is required for any particular tour, this will be indicated before confirmation.

1.3 Where gorilla permits are required, they must be paid in full at the time of confirmation and Are non-refundable. This is in addition to the standard non-refundable deposit.

1.4 The remaining balance is due 30 days before the start of the tour, unless otherwise indicated Of which a certain percentage can be paid upon the start of the tour. Should this payment not be Received without notice, MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled,
Whereby normal cancellation conditions apply.

1.5 If the booking is made within 30 days of the tour start date, full payment is required at the Time of booking. The contract between us is made when we issue your confirmation invoice.

1.6 At the time of booking, we require full details for all passengers (names must be as they Appear in passports).

2.1 All prices are quoted and paid in US Dollars unless otherwise stated.

2.2 Prices quoted by MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS are subject to change without notice and are not Guaranteed until the time of confirmation.

2.3 Prices quoted are as per itinerary and per person and unless stated otherwise, include the


Overnight accommodation as specified, national park and game reserve entrance fees, overland
Transportation, domestic air transportation where indicated, drivers and guides fees (not tips),
Chimpanzee tracking permits, three meals per day as specified, unlimited mineral water during Safari (not at the lodges/camps), coffee/tea twice a day during safari, unlimited game drives.
2.4 Prices quoted do not include the following: Personal expenses, personal insurance, laundry, Meals other than as stated, drinks, passport and visa fees, tips and gratuities, international flights.

2.5 Meals are provided three times per day; breakfast, lunch and dinner, often including a packed Lunch or picnic for one of these.

2.6 Accommodation varies depending on location and price plan. Camping, tented camps, Bandas, guest houses, tented accommodation and hotels are regarded as suitable accommodation.

2.7 MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS reserves the right to substitute accommodation for those indicated in Itineraries.

3.1 All information and descriptions (including those regarding accommodation and activities) Are based on the latest information available and are given in good faith. MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS is Not liable for deviations from these descriptions.

3.2 Transport provided will vary according to the itinerary and the number of clients. We attempt To ensure that the vehicles used are maintained in a decent (our opinion of) and roadworthy Condition. We have contact information of rescue vehicles in all the national parks, so as to make sure our clients do not waist too much time in case of a breakdown. However, we accept no Liability for breakdowns, punctures, road conditions etc. and the delays or changes that these may Cause.

3.3 We reserve the right to use the services of sub-contractors when necessary.

3.4 We do not guarantee that you will see wild animals, precisely because they are wild. However, our guides will always work very hard to make sure that our clients see the best Wildlife.

4.1 If you are unhappy with any service or facility provided, you must immediately inform your Representative (guide, tour leader, driver provided by Dreams African Wildlife Safaris) and allow them to attempt to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

4.2 If a representative has been informed and the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, a Formal complaint can be made to MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS in writing. This must be done within 28 Days of completion of the tour. We accept no liability for complaints not notified in accordance To this.

5.1 Cancellation by you:

5.1.1 If you decide to cancel your holiday you must notify us as soon as possible. Any Notification by telephone must also be confirmed in writing or by e-mail within 24 hours and is Effective from the day we are notified, provided that written confirmation is received by us Within 24 hours of the original notification.

5.1.2 Cancellation charges are based on the tour price and applied at the following rates:

Cancellation received more than 30 days prior to tour start date, loss of 50% of deposit.
Cancellation received less than 30 days prior to tour start date, loss of 50% of total cost.
Cancellation received less than 15 days prior to tour start date, loss of 100% of total cost.
5.1.3 No refund will be given for gorilla permits, independent of the cancellation date.

5.1.4 Refunds will not be given for unused services, the late arrival or absence of clients.

5.1.5 We accept no liability for any loss or damage arising from cancellations.


5.2.1 We reserve the right to cancel your holiday and charge cancellation fees (as defined above) Should you fail to pay the balance when due.

5.2.2 MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS reserves the right to cancel your tour up to 60 days before start date. After this we will not cancel your tour unless it is for a reason outside our control. In such Circumstances we will offer you the choice of an alternative holiday if available, or full refund.

If We have to cancel your holiday we will offer you:

  1. a) Arrangements of a similar nature, standard and price, if available.
    b) Arrangements of a lower standard, whereby the difference in price will be refunded.
    c) More expensive arrangements, whereby the difference in price will be paid by you.
    d) A full refund.
    2.3 MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising from cancellations.

6.1 Alterations by you

6.1 Alterations by you

6.1 Should you wish to make alterations to a confirmed booking, we will do our best to make The alterations, although it may not always be possible.

6.2 Alterations by Dreams African Wildlife Safaris.

6.2.1 MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS reserves the right to alter confirmed bookings. Whilst this is not Common, sometimes is necessary. We will try our best to make sure that the alterations is to a Higher standard of services. Due to the nature of the holiday, arrangements and itineraries need to Be flexible and we will attempt to inform you as soon as possible of any changes.

6.2.2 In the case of significant alterations, you will be informed as soon as possible and be

Provided with 4 alternatives:

  1. a) Arrangements of a similar nature, standard and price, if available.
    b) Arrangements of a lower standard, whereby the difference in price will be refunded.
    c) More expensive arrangements, whereby the difference in price will be paid by you.
    d) Cancellation with a full refund.
    3 Alterations by third parties

6.3.1 MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS has no direct control over its suppliers. Where the supplier makes Significant alterations, we will attempt to inform you as soon as possible but accept no liability For such changes. In this case the above terms and conditions (6.2.2) will be applicable.

6.4 Alterations due to circumstances beyond our control

6.4.1 In the event of unforeseeable circumstances outside of our control such as road closures, Bad weather, problems with national parks or hotels and security considerations, strikes, Sickness, war, quarantine, force majeure, political unrest, natural disasters, changes imposed by Rescheduling or cancellation of flights by an airline or main charterer, or acts of God, it may also Be necessary to alter itineraries and services. In the event of any of the above, you will be responsible for any additional costs incurred Although some costs may be recoverable from your insurance policy, depending on the terms. However, MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS will try their level best to find the best and least expensive
Solution. We accept no liability for costs or damages resulting from such circumstances.

7.1 MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS accepts no responsibility for any illness, injury, death, loss or damage Of any nature to persons or property arising directly or indirectly from any aspect of your tour.

7.2 We do our best to ensure that all tours, activities and services are properly arranged and Conducted as advertised. However, while we only deal with suppliers (eg. hotels, lodges, flights Etc.) That have good reputation, we do not have direct control over services provided by them and Therefore MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS cannot be held responsible for errors of such suppliers.

7.3 While we do our best to maintain highest level of safety, travel and adventure have inherent Risks associated with them and clients participate at their own risk.

7.4 MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS accepts no liability for unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, Including flight delays/cancellations, detention, annoyance, force majeure, war or threat of war, Riots, civil disturbances, terrorist acts, border closure, acts of government or other authorities, Strikes, thefts, epidemics, road closures, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, extreme Weather conditions, fire, technical and/or mechanical problems to transport (however, in case of Mechanical problem, we will provide our clients with rescue vehicle as soon as possible).

7.5 It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that he/she and his/her dependents all have the
Appropriate passports, visas, travel permits, health certificates and other required documentation.

8.1 You are responsible for all requirements concerning medical vaccinations and certificates, Precautions against malaria, visas, international currency and passports, and MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS accept no liability if such requirements have not been correctly arranged by you.

8.2 It is also your responsibility to report on time for all transport arrangements and to ensure That you have all travel tickets & documents. We cannot be held responsible for any additional Costs if you fail to do so and in the case of passengers being refused entry by any immigration or Other authority, all repatriation costs are to be borne by the passenger.

9.1 The authority of the guide and/or driver will be final at all times – this is for your own safety And the well being of your fellow travelers.

9.2 You must always comply with local laws and regulations.

9.3 We reserve the right to refuse any person participation in the tour, or refuse their continuation In the tour and neither MAKWAVI AFRICAN SAFARIS or the supplier will be liable for resulting expenses And no refunds will be given. This very rare incident is only likely to happen when behavior is Deemed likely to cause danger, inconvenience or hazard to the tour or any third party.