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How much to tip on safari

How much to tip on safari

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Tipping for services is not obligated, but very common in Tanzania. Your tip is highly appreciated and can make a big difference to your guide and lodge staff. Of course you should only give a tip if you are satisfied with the quality of the service. So what is the norm for tipping on safaris in Tanzania?

Small tipping Tanzania

Most of the accommodation where you stay have people who carry your baggage. You could give them a small tip of $1 per person (Shilling 2,500) . It is also possible to leave a tip for the entire staff, since most accommodation have a tip-box at the reception. It is advisable to carry a quantity of one dollar bills with you for the smaller tips. You can also give a small tip in the local currency (Shilling).

Tipping your guide/driver

It is customary to leave a tip for your guide/driver at the end of your trip. What you choose to give is entirely up to you, but our advice is to tip your guide around $8-10 per person, per day.

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